Wednesday, April 4, 2007

When The Bells Chimed

And so it was, that on the Last First Day, our Hero finally got off his epic ass, and started to transpose his frenetic thoughts into script with rapture and in a burst of renewed vigor. Ironically, the contemporary silence that enveloped his daily lethargy lay a deafening blow on his once ethereal and razor fine senses. His arrogance of rule and power was once more piqued and his burning ambition to hold dominion over this new Earth glowed like searing coal in a fired-up furnace.

In labouring to make speech, dried flaking tissue crumbled from his lips, and streams of blood channelled along the fine cracks accross what was once living flesh, marking the ravages of subdued silence around the corners of his mouth. As he spoke, his fingers motioned in concert on the instrument pad that lay inanimate before him.

And his message was this -

Legion. Prepare to prostate your weak and degenerating frames before me. For you will serve me as knights in my war for the Crown in this forsaken and trecherous realm of Cyberspace! And you shall all find life once more. For your KING IS BACK!

Now. Where do I begin...


Hon Piao said...

Hey dude

Who are these legions you are talking about? Think you need to have a go at god of war 2

mandy said...

Your off to a fairly good start..who knows, soon u might have as many hits as kenny sia =)

Could you start with the story of what instigated ur ressurection into the blogosphere, O King of the Underworld?