Monday, August 6, 2012

Check It In.

Abbie Intang.  The human turtle.  A porter who has been journeying the road less traveled along the slopes of Mount Kinabalu for as long as he can probably remember.  Carrying large loads for others.  Merchandise, everyday necessities, at cumbersome proportions.  Employing sinew and spirit, between base and peak on a daily basis, just so that the day-end gratitude is sufficient to translate into coin that sees to him feeding his family of eight. 

Your life is tough?  Get off your high horse and smell the fcuking roses, Charlie.  Options for some are limited.

Loads.  We all carry them.  In some form or another.  Some more than others. 

But just how much can one take?  How much strength, tenacity and will do you need to walk that mile with something alien to your being - attached clumsily to your body, your mind, like a parasite that denies being shaken off, but instead sucks your mana dry.  What and when is it considered regular, when is it not?  When do you buckle?  When do you break?  What are your limits?  Do you know them?

If you do not, then be prepared to sink to a gradual but eventual low.  Your life will change.  Oh boy.  Do not rejoice my friend, because you will get ugly.  Be prepared to find yourself alone, angry and bitter.  From the depths of your psyche where your insecurities well, you will naturally and conveniently unleash selfish expression.  You will lament.  You will think you have it bad and project your ill sense of hardship on to others to gain some form of recognition or sympathy.   Pain will come because you think it and welcome it.  But at what expense and what the fcuk for?  

In our journey, we choose how we travel.  What with.  And whom with.  Whether we find ourselves crippled by the burdens we carry one day is dependent on the choices we make today.  The principle lesson is to never overextend.  Do not be the camel that you aren't. 

If the load doesn't have a purpose, dump it.  Leave it whence it appeared.  Nothing more than baggage.  Weight that you don't need. 

So unless you have eight mouths to feed, take flight... glide and soar.  Like the eagle you were meant to be.  Up from way high.

You're not a punching bag.  You're not anyone's porter ass mule.

Fcuk that.  Play your options.  Choose your load.  You are your own life.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, regards

Anonymous said...

Who chooses what? You only believe you do...